Day 1 Results – 2017 Boracay Cup Regatta

Today, we had an exciting 28-nautical mile race around Carabao Island through Tablas Strait and back to Boracay Island with winds blowing 20 knots from the North East” explained Jun Avecilla, Chairman of Subic Sailing Club, organizers of the Boracay Cup Regatta and the Subic Bay Boracay Race.

For the racing day one the Line Honors goes to Frank Pong’s Jelik. After scoring overall victory on the Subic Bay to Boracay Race, Ernesto Ecauz’s Standard Insurance Centenial 3 claims the first race for the IRC Racing Class 1 of the 8th Boracay Cup Regatta followed by Jelik on second place and Geoff Hill’s Antipodes on third place.

For the IRC Racing Class 2, Steve Manning and Anthony Root’s Black Baza grabs the first place followed by Martin Tanco and Ronald Tanco’s Centennial 2 for 2nd place and Bobby Benares’ Sabad for third place.

For the Cruising Class, Michael Brinkers’ Bella Uno for first place and Xiong Ting’s Mermaid for second place

IRC 1 – Race 1
1st Place – Standard Insurance Centennial 3 • Judes Echauz
2nd Place – Jelik • Frank Pong
3rd Place – Antipodes • Geoff Hill

IRC 2 – Race 1
1st Place – Black Baza • Anthony Root & Steve Manning
2nd Place – Centennial 2 • Martin Tanco & Ronald Tanco
3rd Place – Sabad • Bobby Beneres

Cruising Class
1st Place – Bella Uno • Michael Brinkers
2nd Place – Mermaid • Xiong Ting & Stephen Wu